Lamb Chops with Rosemary & Fig Butter

“Elevate your weeknight dinners or impress your guests with the sophisticated yet simple dish of lamb chops with rosemary and fig butter. This recipe brings together the rich, savory flavor of lamb with the sweet and aromatic notes of fig butter, creating a meal that is as delightful to the palate as it is nourishing to the body.
Lamb is a nutritionally dense meat, packed with high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. It’s an excellent source of iron, which is crucial for blood health, as well as zinc, which supports immune function. Lamb also contains significant amounts of vitamin B12 and niacin, both of which are vital for energy metabolism and maintaining healthy nerve function. By choosing lamb for your meal, you’re not only indulging in exquisite flavors but also providing your body with important nutrients.
The highlight of this recipe is the luscious fig butter, which infuses the lamb chops with an unforgettable depth of flavor. To make the fig butter, dried figs are blended with creamy butter, fresh rosemary, and a touch of lemon peel. The rosemary adds a piney, aromatic essence that complements the rich sweetness of the figs, while the lemon peel offers a hint of brightness, balancing the deep flavors beautifully.
Preparing the lamb chops is straightforward and quick, making this dish perfect for any occasion. The lamb chops are first seasoned and seared to perfection, creating a beautiful crust that locks in their natural juices. Once cooked, they are topped with the fig butter, allowing it to melt and envelop the lamb in a luxurious sauce.
This dish pairs wonderfully with a variety of sides, from roasted vegetables to a simple green salad. The combination of tender, flavorful lamb and the decadent fig butter will leave your taste buds singing and your guests impressed. Whether you’re cooking for a special occasion or treating yourself to a gourmet weeknight meal, lamb chops with rosemary and fig butter are sure to become a favorite in your culinary repertoire.

Lamb Chops with Rosemary & Fig Butter

Savor the elegance of quick and delicious lamb chops with rosemary and fig butter. Perfect for weeknights or special guests, this dish features rich fig butter infused with rosemary and lemon peel, creating an unforgettable flavor experience.
Servings 4


Rosemary Fig Butter

  • 4 ounces butter at room temperature
  • 2 dried figs or 2 Tbs. fig butter
  • zest of one organic lemon
  • 1/4 tsp each, sea salt & black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp chipotle, powder (optional)
  • 1 Tbs fresh rosemary chopped

Lamb Chops

  • 6 pieces lamb chops
  • 1/2 tsp each, sea salt & black pepper
  • 1 tsp each, onion & garlic powder
  • For the chops:
  • 2 fresh rosemary sprigs
  • butter for searing chops
  • mashed potatoes or roasted root vegetables for serving
  • fresh figs optional


For Rosemary Fig Butter

  • If using dried figs- Mix all ingredients in a food processor until finely mixed.
    If using fig butter- In a small bowl, hand mix all the ingredients until smooth.

Prepping lamb chops

  • Season chops on both sides generously with salt, pepper onion and garlic powder.
    In a cast iron skillet, add butter. Melt butter over medium high heat, add the chops in a single layer. Avoid over crowding the pan. Flip the chops when golden, depending on thickness of chops 5-8 minutes.
    Add 1-2 tsps. of rosemary & fig butter to each chop. Spread the butter across the chops.
    Lower temperature to medium and cook the other side of chops an other 3-7 minutes, until the chops are at an internal temperature of 145 degrees. This is the ideal internal temperature for tender chops.
    Take the chops off heat. Serve chops with a side of the rosemary and fig butter.
    These chops pair very nicely with mashed, roasted potatoes, roast root veggies or a creamy polenta.

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