2024 Breeding Stock for Sale

Our mission has been to develop a hearty flock of Icelandic sheep that are triple purposed. Icelandic sheep provide quality wool, milk and meat. They are the perfect small scale sheep. They are frugal foragers and do not need any supplemental grain. This makes them an economical addition to your farm and or homestead.

We are offering starter flocks that include a selection of ewe lambs, excellent seasoned ewes and a ram lamb. There are also individual ewe lambs and proven ewes available. We have a small selection of breeding ram lambs for consideration.

Starter flocks, and individual sheep will be ready for pickup the first of October.

A down payment of 1/2 the total is needed to hold your order of sheep.

Unregistered Icelandic Sheep Pricing

Ewe, proven – $350

Ewe lamb – $300

Ram lamb – $300

A health record will be available for each sheep purchased.

I will have the health care protocol that we use available for you to have for your records and understanding of how we manage the health of our sheep.

Pictures and more information about individual sheep is available upon request

Please contact Julie at 406-274-0390 or julie@bloomingjoyfarm.com