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Two decades ago, our farm took root on a nine-acre expanse of untouched land. Over the years, we constructed our residence, nurtured our children, and tended to a diverse array of farm animals. Through this journey, we have garnered invaluable insights into land preservation and animal husbandry. Central to our ethos has always been a commitment to sustainable practices and a holistic approach to livestock care.


The essence of a farmer lies in a perpetual quest for knowledge, drawing wisdom from both successes and setbacks. In this space, we aim to impart our learnings and perspectives on embracing a simple, holistic lifestyle.

Icelandic Sheep-These remarkable creatures, with their dual-purpose nature, symbolize the very heart of our farm. From their lovely wool to their nourishing milk and gourmet meat, Icelandic sheep offer a trifecta of benefits perfectly suited to our small-scale operation.

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Blooming Joy Inn & Farm Stay

We have a beautiful AirBnb available on our farm that sleeps two people while overlooking our sheep pastures and the mountains of Montana!

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