About the Farm

Our Story

Come Grow With Us!

Our farm came to be twenty years ago on a nine-acre plot of bare ground. We built our home and barn, and raised five children and many chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats along the way.  We have learned many things about caring for our land and animals. Our focus has always been to give back to the land and provide a holistic approach to animal husbandry.

The heart of a farmer is constantly gaining new knowledge while learning from the mistakes and mishaps along the way! The purpose of this little space is to take you along as we share knowledge and new perspectives on living a simple, holistic life.

Our Farm Stay is a place for you to come, relax, take a deep breath of the mountain air and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. The foothills of the Mission Mountains, part of the Rocky Mountain range, is a short distance from our farm. Enjoy your private deck with a cup of tea while watching the sun rise up  and enjoy the magnificent colors of sunset across the mountain range at close of the day.