Our Story

Come Grow With Us!

Our farm came to be twenty years ago on a nine-acre plot of bare ground. We built our home and barn, and raised five children and many chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats along the way. Now we have the privilege of showing our grandchildren the joys of farm life, opening their eyes to how food is not just something the store pops on the shelf. Food is something that you can grow and nurture to maturity, be it a crop of carrots or a flock of egg laying chickens!

We are thankful for the help of Julie’s parents on the farm now! They bring a wealth of knowledge in biochemistry, nutrition and gardening. There are many projects to keep us all busy and enjoying the process as we go!

We welcome you to our farmstay. The purpose of it is to serve our visitors at whatever level their interest is, be it simply enjoying the beauty of the mountains surrounding our Montana farm or learning about how to produce and prepare food for the table. We will offer opportunities to learn about gardening; raising chickens, sheep, pigs and cows; the benefits of having a milk cow; and caring for the animals and the land in a balanced, naturally minded way. Cooking lessons will also be available including cheese making, sourdough breads, fermented foods and wholesome, simple cooking from scratch. 

We can offer lessons learned in developing our farm and the infrastructure needed for intensive rotational grazing, water conservation and general livestock management.

Join Us!