Creamy Homemade Yogurt Recipe

The taste of fresh, creamy yogurt can’t be beat! Good quality ingredients, a warm place to incubate the milk and a little of your time is all it takes to produce nourishing, delicious yogurt full of healthy probiotics. Incorporating healthy probiotics into our daily diet helps to support a healthy immune and digestive system.

The higher fat content of whole milk will produce a creamy, nutritionally dense yogurt. Go to your local grocery store and purchase fresh, local milk. Even better, visit your local dairy. You will also need a yogurt starter. This can be a yogurt culture purchased from a cheese making company or a high quality plain, probiotic yogurt purchased from the grocery store.

The directions below describe making yogurt in a sauce pan. At the end of the post we describe how to use an Instant Pot.

You will also need a working cooking thermometer.

Creamy Homemade Yogurt Recipe


  • 1 quart 4 cups whole milk
  • 1 Tablespoon plain yogurt or starter
  • If you would like to make vanilla yogurt you will also need:
  • 2 Tablespoons Organic Sugar
  • 2 teaspoons Vanilla


Stove Top Instructions

  • Heat the milk to 180F
  • If making vanilla yogurt, add sugar to the milk before heating up.
  • Take the yogurt off the heat and cool to 110F.
  • Add the starter to the warm milk and stir well.
  • If you are making vanilla yogurt, add the vanilla.
  • Pour the warm, cultured milk into a glass quart jar.
  • Place jar into a container like a thermos or cooler
  • Add 100F water around the jars
  • Incubate for 8 hours
  • Remove jar from container and refrigerate until cooled completely.

Instant Pot Directions:

  • Place milk in Instant Pot pan.
  • If making vanilla yogurt, add sugar to the milk before heating up.
  • Use the saute mode bring the milk temperature to 180F. Stir a few times.
  • Remove the pan from the Instant Pot, cool milk to 110F.
  • Add starter to the warm milk and stir well.
  • If you are making vanilla yogurt, add the vanilla.
  • Pour the warm, cultured milk into a quart jar.
  • Fill the Instant Pot pan ⅓ full with warm (100-110F) water.
  • Place jar into the Instant Pot.
  • Put Instant Pot lid on and select the yogurt mode.
  • Set timer for 8 hours. This not a pressurized cycle.
  • Chill yogurt completely in the refrigerator.

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