The shipment of sheep pelts has just arrived at the tanner which signals the close to harvest and preserving for 2022. I have such an appreciation for the artisan trades and traditions. They understand how to bring out the complete beauty and heirloom qualities of the wool pelts. I admire that. The wait to receive the finished pelts feels like forever but I know these processes take time and much attention to detail. Teaching our young generation the skill of working with our hands, creating and completing a task of value and worth to them and possibly those around them brings confidence, self-worth and a sense of ownership. This has been a focus since raising our family and now helping imprint on our grandchildren this golden gift. We also thoroughly enjoy having young people come to our farm to interact with the animals and gardens. To see the delight in their eyes as they pull a carrot from the garden or pet our wooly sheep is great joy!

One cycle is ending and another one is beginning. Breeding season……. It takes thought, purpose and intentionality to continue to build to full potential. As it is with most things in life…. We have two new rams offering unique genetics, fleece color and conformation to our flock. April is when we reap the reward from our planning in the late summer with a new crop of lambs. Chance and Freckles are the two new guys on the block!

We appreciate those that have supported our farm by offering a kind word, have a curiosity about why we farm and enjoying the fruits of our labor by purchasing what we produce. We extend a hearty thank you! To share the goods from our farm brings us great encouragement and joy.
I have had the opportunity to share our story of why we farm during a few interviews these past months. It has been a good exercise for me to really be mindful and reflective in answering the questions. When I was asked if I ever wanted to throw in the towels, I said “Just hide the towels!” Of course, there are hard days when we have wondered what on earth we were doing but we’ve coped with them by remembering that amazing experiences we wouldn’t trade for anything are right around the corner. It just takes a bit of country grit to carry through.
So I say to all of us, country living or otherwise, carry on with a little grit and grace!

I have a new item in the shop that is practical and fun to use. Our needle felted trivets make a unique gift and a nice addition to your kitchen. There is still a little time left to place an order for a custom made Nativity set. For the knitters and spinners there is a nice selection of yarn and roving. Visit our shop!

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As we enter into the season of Advent and Christmas we extend a warm holiday wish to each of you.

Love from Julie, Gene and the flock



Kindness is like snow~ It beautifies everything it covers.

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