We have forgotten that our deepest selves wait for us quietly. Solitude is when you touch the hem of your soul. Excerpt from Cee Denney, Poem; Solitude.

There is a quietness to the farm when winter arrives and the snow is sparkling in the afternoon sun. Not to be mistaken for a rawness of survival. Keeping the livestock warm with fresh, dry bedding and water troughs that won’t freeze. The hay has been gathered and stacked with a hope that we have enough to last into spring. But it’s the contentment of the animals with a full belly and nowhere to wander. It gives an invitation for a scratch under the chin or a whistle to announce that treats are in hand!

After the chores are done, one of my favorite things to do is to stand just inside the paddock and watch the sheep and cows do the things that sheep and cows do…… being curious about their neighbor, getting a burst of energy and frolicking through the snow, climbing to the top of the big round bale of hay, just because they can! These animals have a way of melting away the human hustle and bustle and give us a reason to just enjoy the moment. The healing power of quiet….. It is something that I am growing to appreciate. The discipline to slow down and enjoy the beauty and quiet around me is something that I’m working on. I never regret it when I take the time to pause.

There is joy in looking at spring time knowing that April will be a marathon of lambing and shorter periods of sleep. But it will also bring new life and the hope of a future of fields bouncing with lambs. Magnolia, our jersey heifer, is developing into a sweet, curious cow. Training her to be a future milk cow will have me on one end of a lead rope, encouraging Maggy to learn to follow come spring. We are in the midst of doing a little refresh to our future Farm Stay retreat! Creating an oasis for you to come and enjoy the majestic mountains out on the back patio and be recharged with a quiet and peaceful stay on our farm. There will be an opportunity, if desired, to help gather eggs, pet Esther the sheep and give Magnolia and little loving pat. We plan to offer one-on-one classes too. Learning how to care for and create sourdough bread and pastries. Fermenting vegetables for delicious eating. And putting your hand to making a wheel of cheese. But our primary goal is a to create a place for you to be refreshed in the quiet, simple surroundings of nature and solitude. We plan to use the Farm Stay US and Airbnb platforms for making reservations. Spring of 2022 is the targeted time. Stay tuned!

We feel so blessed to have this little farm that, through a labor of love and hard work, provides lovely returns! Thank you for coming along as we continue to learn and grow on the journey of life and farming!

May you find much blessing and joy in this New Year and maybe feel the effects of the stillness of quiet and solitude!

from Julie, Gene and the flock