Wool Felted Coaster Set

Add a cozy touch to your tea and coffee time by having a wool coaster for your hot mug of goodness! Wool is a great barrier for heat to help keep your mug warm and your wood counter in great shape. These coasters make a unique gift for your special friend.

Each coaster is hand felted using our Montana grown Icelandic wool. They measure approximately 4″ in diameter. Wool is naturally stain resistant. If you have a little spill on your coaster just blot clean with a clean, moist cloth.



These wool felted coasters are a fun, hand made item to use on your coffee table or night stand. They are thick enough to protect your furniture and add a little charm! Each coaster measures approximately 4″ and has a little cluster of huckleberries felted on the side to give a nod to the delicious berry that is so famous in NW Montana. These coasters are a cozy way to add sparkle to your coffee or tea time!

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Dimensions 4 × 4 cm


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Wool Felted Coaster Set