Peg Loom Kit

Unlock your creativity with our handcrafted peg loom kit, meticulously designed and built on our farm by a talented woodsmith. Each kit includes a sturdy hard maple loom with 2 sizes of  Baltic birch pegs, 9 ounces of luxurious Blooming Joy Farm Icelandic wool roving in Glacier White, 2 ounces of accent color Icelandic sheep roving wool in either light grey or charcoal grey, BJF Icelandic wool yarn for threading the pegs, and a needle threader for easy peg threading. Dive into the art of weaving with this comprehensive kit, perfect for beginners and experienced weavers alike.


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Unlock your creativity with our complete peg loom kit, curated to inspire and delight! Crafted with care on our farm, each kit includes everything you need to weave something truly beautiful.

What’s Included:

  • Handmade Hard Maple Loom: Expertly crafted with 2 sizes of Baltic birch pegs, our looms are designed for durability and beauty. Each loom is meticulously crafted by a talented woodsmith right here on our farm, ensuring the highest quality.
  • Blooming Joy Farm Icelandic Wool Roving: Dive into the luxurious softness of our 9 ounce of Glacier White Icelandic wool roving, perfect for creating a base for your weaving masterpiece. Plus, add a pop of color with 2 ounces of accent roving in either light grey or charcoal grey.
  • BJF Icelandic Wool Yarn: Threading your pegs has never been easier with our high-quality Icelandic wool yarn, specially selected for its strength and texture.
  • Needle Threader: Say goodbye to frustration with our convenient needle threader, designed to make peg threading a breeze.



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