“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” -Napoleon Hill


This has been a year full of learning new things and hopefully improving processes and procedures for our farm to run smoothly. You can always dream, right?!! I like the above quote that reminds us to just keep doing the little things each day that encourages us to be pushed a little out of our comfort zone and into growth.

From a farming perspective,
Understanding and then using what resources you have to the best of their ability has been my focus. With the Icelandic sheep they offer a farm such variety of product. From breeding stock, nutritiously dense meat, to luscious pelts and yarn. Finding the master craftsman/women to help turn the raw material of wool into something stunning has been an enlightening journey. This week I will send the raw pelts to the tanner for completion of beautiful wool pelt throws. This kind of pelt will last a lifetime with proper care, giving the opportunity of handing in down to the next generation.

A few weeks ago, the raw wool that I have been saving from the last few shearings went to a woolen mill a few hours away. We will offer 3-4 different natural colored, worsted weight yarns this spring. I am a casual knitter, so I’ve appreciated the input and advice from a few friends that are well educated in the art of knitting and yarns. As they say, It’s who you know, not so much what you know!!

The connections of customers, craftsman/women and artists have brought such richness to my days. A customer this summer asked if I would ever consider networking with a national meat supplier. It was a good question, but one that I instantly could answer. It has never been my intention to lose the person-to-person connection with my customers. Friendly conversation and connection feeds the soul! I thank you for your loyalty to us at Blooming Joy Farm!

Come grow with us!