Springtime On The Farm

We are on the count down with the last two ewes to lamb. The field is full of bouncing, wooly babies. Who needs any other type of entertainment when you have lambs full of shenanigans all day long?! I feel humbled and blessed to be the shepherdess of this flock. They know my voice as I call them in the morning with a “hey girls”!

The Wool Rise

Farming has a lot to do with planning for the future while making the most of today. It was 3 years ago that our sheep were first sheared, here on Blooming Joy Farm. It was 8 months ago that I skirted 55 pounds of accumulated wool to prepare it for the upcoming processing of spinning […]

New Life Abounds

As a farmer, the days of observing and sometimes helping bring new life to the farm are what we live and plan for all year! Monitoring nutritional needs, purposeful grazing and health conditions are some things at the forefront of my mind before breeding season. The care of a pregnant animal is both science, observation, […]

Why We Chose Icelandic Sheep

It all started a few years back when I was asked by a close friend of mine to be the farm hand for two weeks. Lambing had almost wrapped up with a few ewes left to go. I was so impressed with the instinctual nature and heartiness of the ewes and newborn lambs. They are very […]